The Estimator-Estimate Your Track Meet Schedule

The Estimator creates an educated estimate of your track meet race schedule


The Estimator spreadsheet is an entry level product that will allow you to project a very detailed estimate of your track meet race schedule and may be upgraded to include call announcement order and times by adding The Adjustor spreadsheet at a later date.

The Estimator calculates this based on the input you provide. The variables you use include the event names, divisions, the order of events, the time from gun to gun for each race, the number of heats and the estimated time for transitions. Transitions might be moving and adjusting hurdles and starter moving between various start lines on the track. Default settings for a dual meet come with The Estimator but can be changed by you to fit your competition.

The Estimator is a copyrighted work and your purchase secures a Limited License grant to use the product.  All sales are final.  Using this product requires basic level spreadsheet skills: Making changes to the contents of a cell, sorting, filtering, and printing.

Allow 24 hours for email delivery.

This product is suitable for dual meets, league meets, and other smaller meets with fewer than fifty running events.  Contact the website owner for information regarding our product for invitational and relay type meets.




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