Last Chance Team Plan

Coach Sayles will plan day to day workouts for the remainder of your season. These are proven championship level workouts that achieved great results in California State Meet over the years.

Original price was: $160.00.Current price is: $120.00.

It’s not too late to get those championship level workouts planned for the rest of your season.

With the Last Chance Cross Country Team Plan, Coach Ken Sayles, author of Coach Run Win will set the remainder of your season of cross country with day-to-day workouts built around your teams practice and meet schedule. This system was very successful in achieving six straight California State Meet Finals and an individual California State Champion. This offer includes a one-time establishment of initial pace ranges for every athlete on your team for a variety of workouts. He will also send a copy of his book Coach Run Win to you.

Once purchased, Coach Sayles will send an information sheet to you. It will include questions about your practice and meet schedule. This enables the creation of a Cross Country Team Plan that is unique to your team. Additionally, there will be questions about the range of mileage your team currently or in recent past has been doing.

Finally, to enable Coach Sayles to establish your training paces you will provide most recent times for cross country and track distance races. He will then use his pace chart (adapted from the work of Jack Daniels with his permission) to indicate what paces each athlete should workout at based on a variety of types of workouts.

Discounted from $160 to $120 given time of the season.


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