Pre and Post Workout routines     captains check each box when done m t w th f sa m t w th fri sa m t w th fr sa
1 12 min warmup run
2 Drills do 2 40 meter segments of each
high butts
Russians or skip kicks
big skips
lunges-6 step throughs hold 3 sec, forward and back
shin splint prevention 3 positions
3 At Fence
leg swings 15 in each of 3 positions
       face fence, down foot straight
       side to fence , outside leg swings
toe raisers-15 in three postions
       toes in, toes out and straight
calf stretch  15 sec each leg-one set straight, one bent
fires 10 on each leg
ankle bounces-20
bi arm swings 15 sec each side

Stretch down after workout- hold all min 20 sec each

head and neck rotations
shoulder shrugs
extended arms rotations out to sides and over head
arms behind neck
arms extended up-lean to each side(flamingos)
IB stretch, one leg over, feet together and flat
elephants-arms hang, head relaxed, feet apart
legs wide, hands-on ankles, head down
pretzel or piriformis (yoga calls them pigeon)
5 ON Back
both knees to chest
one leg out, other knee to chest-alternate
pull leg over, twist, shoulders on ground
both knees to chest after twist
bridge   2x 20 sec
6 On Stomach
pigeon or paper clip
bow 2×20 sec
plank hold
cobra 3×10 sec
down dog
plank forearm rotations 5 on each side
superman 2×20 sec
7 Daily Core work
40-50 push ups
front plank each arm up 10 count
front plank each leg up 10 count
side plank each side 10 count
back count each leg   10 count
2 min horizontal leg raises
30-50 ab crunches
30 bicycles
30 scissors-on back .
see also:(3) warmup and cooldown routines for runners – Bing images

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