Haley Herberg 2018 track workouts

Do you want to know what a super star distance runner does for track workouts? Take a look at EVERY workout State Cross Country Champion Haley Herberg did during her senior season. These workouts took her to another State Meet appearance this time in the 3200. Workout goals and actual times are all listed along with miles daily and weekly.

Following her California State Cross Country Individual Championship (17:00 for 5k at Woodward Park), Haley went to Oregon to compete in NXN where she earned All-American Status. She took a couple of weeks “off” (some cross training, a few easy runs a week) during the holiday season. When January came, she was ready to gear up for her senior year of Track and Field. As a junior, she had focused on the 1600 running 4:47.5 as her best. She decided to focus more on the 3200 for her senior year. This led to some change in her training with more emphasis on long runs, tempo work and longer intervals.

Haley competed often in the 1600 and occasionally the 800 to develop her speed. Sometimes when she ran the 3200 it was more for places and points. This is because you can only expect a runner to compete at a super high level in the 3200 a few times. These needed to be at the end of the long season.

In coaching star distance runners track workouts, an important consideration is what kind of runner an individual is. What are their strengths? Are they more a cross country runner? Or are they more a track runner with some endurance that allowed them to succeed at cross country. In Haley’s case she was more a true cross-country runner with the talent and genetic makeup to run fast at 1600 as well.

Additional resources: click here for training distance, pace and time chart

Haley Herberg – Track & Field – University of Washington Athletics (gohuskies.com)

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