Few people leave on a road trip without knowing where they are going. Most people use a map or maps on their device to help them get there. Similarly, coaches and athletes benefit from specific goal setting during workouts. I don’t believe it is enough to tell an athlete, “run 70%”. What does that mean? As a coach I give specific goal times to runners for each and every workout. The athlete’s performance is then recorded on the workout goal sheet.

On another article on this site, Determining Training Paces, I discuss my adaptation of Dr. Jack Daniels VDOT training system. This provides specific goals for each athlete in each workout. Those goals are based on the runners’ current level of fitness. As you will see in the sample, I write the goals down ahead of time and provided to the runners. Coaches, injured athletes or others then record the times actually run by each athlete. The results can then be analyzed, and future goals can be adjusted accordingly.

I regularly emailed or posted the workout goal sheets showing the results of the workouts. This helps athletes be accountable. Hopefully it inspires them to do their best.

Sample Workout Goal Sheet


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