Track Distance Team Workout Plan

A full season of day-to-day workouts for Track Distance Runners


Coach Ken Sayles will provide a Track Distance Team Workout Plan.  Send him your practice and meet schedule and Ken will provide day-to-day workouts for your 800,1600 and 3200 meter runners. These workouts are modeled after his plans that led to multiple California county and regional champions as well as many State Finalists. Coach Sayles Cross Country Team Plans were very successful this fall in helping teams improve and compete for championships.

Coach Sayles will send you an information form to fill out with the details of your practice and meet schedule. In addition, you will provide him with approximate weekly mileage for your athletes both current and goals. This enables him to more accurately assign workout volume and intensity.

The plan offer includes a one time establishment of initial training paces for each athlete in your distance group across a variety of track workouts that are part of the Track Distance Team Plan. You will receive a form to fill out with recent cross country and track and field p.r.’s for each athlete. Coach Sayles then uses his adaptation of Jack Daniels work (with his permission) to assign precise training paces for each individual runner based on their specific abilities.

Additionally, for those who don’t already have one, Ken will send you a copy of his book, Coach Run Win

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