In Person Form Analysis-How to Run Your Best

Coach Sayles will meet with you and perform an in person form analysis and provide corrections and exercises to help you run your best


Coach Sayles will meet with you to perform an in-person form analysis, to help you run your best.  He will watch you run at various speeds and from various angles. Coach will then teach you proper form including how to correct the “flaws” he may have found in your form. He will then perform a stride frequency analysis to further refine your running technique. Once that is completed, Coach Sayles will then teach proper breathing including how to avoid side stitches by utilizing rhythmic breathing. To help avoid injuries, Coach will teach and lead you in a series of warmup drills and exercises to insure a successful outcome to your run. The in-person form analysis will conclude with a series of speed development activities to help you run your best.

This service is available to those who live in Orange County portion of Southern California.

The session lasts approximately one hour.

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